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Adhesive Bras Guide

An adhesive bra has cups that stick to the breasts. This clever design allows you to wear a bra without a band or straps! This type of bra is perfect for hard to wear outfits such as dresses with low backs or plunging necklines. Many adhesive bras, such as NuBras, have two separate cups that clip together in the center. Pushing the two cups together creates fabulous cleavage, even for small cup sizes.

The right adhesive bra will stay up and keep your breasts in place all night long. In addition to molded cup adhesive bras, another stick on bra option is breast lifts. These lightweight and disposable bra accessories help create a "perkier" shape when you are not wearing a bra.

Adhesive bras provide coverage and shaping rather than lift, so they are best suited for small to average cup sizes. Most adhesive bras are sized by cup size only. It's important to remember that cup sizes are different depending on the band size, and that you may have to adjust the size if you wear a larger or smaller band size.

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