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Backless Bras Guide

Backless bras are bras with a low back band or no back at all. A fabulous backless dress is subtly sexy, classic, and seductive - this makes it really hard to wear a bra! Don't give up on that low back style just yet, because there are many bras especially designed to work with backless fashions.

Options for backless styles include convertible bras and adhesive bras. A convertible bra will wrap around the waist so that the bra band can sit much lower on your back. This type of backless bra offers extra support because it still has bra straps and a full bra band. An adhesive bra consists of bra cups that stick to your chest, offering coverage and shaping. If you’re going completely backless – an adhesive bra is the way to go!

Most backless bras use the same bra sizing as a regular bra, but for some special styles you may need a little more fitting know-how. Adhesive bras are generally sized by cup size only, so be sure to check the fitting chart to make sure the bra is right for you!

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