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Bralettes Guide

A bralette is a non-underwire bra with no padding or molded cups. Bralettes are a simple yet stylish alternative to conventional bras. This style provides lightweight support with top-notch comfort. You’ll feel like you aren’t wearing a bra at all!

I recommend bralettes for women with small to average cup sizes who want modesty without unnecessary bulk. Bralette bras are also fantastic for older women or women with medical issues who are uncomfortable in underwire bras. If you are pregnant or nursing, wearing a bralette is a wonderful way to support the breasts without constricting them. Bralettes also make great sleep bras for women of all sizes.

Many bralettes are sized by band size only, or are listed as small, medium and large. Because different brands can interpret these sizes differently, I recommend checking the fitting support tab before buying a bralette. This way, you can ensure that the size range will work for you. If you’d like a more substantial bra that does not have underwires, see Soft Cup Bras.

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