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Bridal Bras Guide

Weddings offer unique challenges when it comes to finding the perfect foundation garments and lingerie. Bridal bras are designed to create a sleek silhouette underneath a wedding gown. Bridal bra needs can vary greatly depending on the style of your dress, but there are certain types of bras that many brides prefer.

The most common bridal bra is a strapless long line bra, which is also known as a basque or bustier. There are a number of advantages to a longline bridal bra. The extra long band offers shaping at the waist and creates a smooth, seamless line underneath your gown. This type of bra also offers great support without straps, especially for larger sizes. Traditional strapless bras are also a popular option for brides and are great underneath lighter fabrics. A bridal gown with straps or sleeves opens up many more lingerie options. If your dress does not present any "bra problems", why not use this opportunity to buy some gorgeous white lace lingerie?

If you get fitted for a bridal bra at a lingerie salon, bring in your dress to be sure that the lingerie you've chosen won't show. If bringing in the gown is not an option, I recommend bringing a photo of both the front and back of the dress. For many women, especially those with difficult to find bra sizes, trying on the bra at the store is not possible. When buying a bridal bra online, be sure to check the images of the back of the bra to be sure that it is low enough to be worn under your dress. Always order your bridal bra at least three weeks before the wedding! In the event that the bra does not fit you perfectly, you will need enough time to return and exchange it - make sure you're prepared for your big day!

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