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Convertible Bras Guide

A convertible bra is a bra that can be worn more than one way, so that you can adjust the style to match your outfit. A typical convertible bra has straps that can be removed and rearranged for wear with halter tops, racerbacks, and other tricky tops. Another useful convertible bra feature is a bra back converter, which lets you wrap your bra band around your waist for an extra low look.

A convertible bra is a versatile addition to any woman’s lingerie wardrobe. These bras are a great money-saver for special occasions because you don’t have to buy a bra you’ll only wear once. Simply rearrange the straps to wear it again as an everyday bra. I also recommend convertible bras to women who travel often. Packing a good multi-way bra guarantees that you won’t have any wardrobe malfunctions on vacation!

Convertible bras work with almost any body type and are sized like regular bras. When buying a convertible bra for a special occasion, be sure to check the alternate images to make sure it will work for your outfit! If you have trouble with your bra straps falling off your shoulders, a convertible bra that allows you to cross the straps in the back is an easy solution.

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