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Demi Cup Bras Guide

A demi cup bra has cups that only cover about half of the bust. Demi cup bras are cut low across the whole cup, as opposed to a plunge bra, which is only low in the center. This style is very popular for designer lingerie and lace cup bras, but can also be found in everyday bras. Many, but not all, demi cup bras also have push up padding.

Demi cup bras are great when you want to look and feel sexy, but there's also a practical side to this type of bra. The low cut is great under low cut necklines and will give you a subtle cleavage boost. This style of bra is also great for women with shallow busts. If your breasts are fuller at the bottom than at the top, a demi cup bra will allow you to wear an underwire that fits you properly without a gap or wrinkling at the top of the bra cups. Generally, demi cup bras work best on small to average breasts, as they do not have very much coverage. For the look of a demi cup bra with enough support for larger cup sizes, see balcony bras.

A demi cup bras use the same bra fitting as regular bras - but don't be surprised if a lot of your chest is exposed! The bra cups should cover your nipples and should give a smooth silhouette - if you're spilling out of the cups, be sure to size up your cup size! If you are a petite woman who has trouble with underwires poking under your arms, a demi cup bra may be much more comfortable for you.

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