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Front Closure Bras Guide

A front closure bra has a clasp between the breasts instead of on your back. This versatile bra design is used for everything from supportive sports bras to sexy push up styles. Front closure bras are popular for their ease of wear - it's simple to take this style on and off!

There are two main reasons to buy a front close bra instead of a bra with a more traditional back closure. Many women have difficulty reaching the back of their bra band. For these women, a front closure bra is much more convenient and comfortable. Another reason to wear a front closure bra is because you need a special back design, such as a T-back bra or a bra with a clear back strap. The front clasp allows for a smooth back band with straps that are closer together.

I recommend having at least one front closure bra in your wardrobe to wear with sleeveless tops. When buying a front close bra, be sure that the band is a snug when you first try it on. Unlike most bras, a front closure typically does not allow you to adjust the size of the band. A bra that starts off a little tight will stretch to conform to your shape instead of wearing out early.

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