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Full Coverage Bras Guide

A full coverage bra is a bra with a high neckline that is designed to cover almost all of your breast tissue. Full coverage bras are available in a few different cup styles, including molded cups, stretch fabric cups and seamed fabric cups. While full coverage styles are very popular among women with larger cup sizes, many small busted women also prefer the modest coverage and shaping of a full coverage bra.

Full coverage bras are ideal for women who want to eliminate breast spillage. The higher neckline prevents "quad boob" and creates a smoother line underneath your shirts. Most full coverage bras are not recommended for women that are shallow at the top of their breasts, because they will not fill up the cup completely. Just because a bra has full coverage doesn’t mean that it can’t be sexy! A full coverage bra in lace or mesh offers a feminine look with the support that you need. One popular variation on the full coverage bra is the minimizer bra, which redistributes the breast tissue to create the illusion of a smaller bust.

A properly fitted full coverage bra covers all of you bust without a gap or wrinkles at the top of the cup. Make sure that the center of your breast is halfway between your shoulder and your elbow. In the right size, a full coverage bra will be incredibly supportive and create a flattering shape.

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