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Minimizer Bras Guide

Want to draw less attention to your chest? A minimizer bra has the capability of reducing breast projection by up to two inches for a more flattering silhouette under clothes. The specially-designed cups redistribute the breast tissue to fit evenly all over the cup to create the illusion of a smaller bust.

I recommend owning at least one minimizing bra if you have an average to larger chest. Even if you do not want your breasts to look smaller every day, a good minimizer bra is great to wear under clothes that require a more streamlined silhouette such as turtleneck sweaters and button down shirts. Minimizer bras come in both seamed and seamless styles. A seamless minimizer creates a smooth line under your clothes and is a great choice under T-shirts. A seamed cup bra has the advantage of creating a rounder and more natural shape.

When buying a minimizer bra, you would generally wear the same size that you wear in regular bras. You do not need to go down a size to achieve a smaller look. A minimizer bra that is too loose will make you look wider. It is important to make sure that you are wearing the correct band size in order to be sure that your minimizer bra has a flattering, supportive fit.

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