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Molded Cup Bras Guide

A molded cup bra has seamless cups with thicker lining than a traditional fabric cup bra. You can tell that a bra is molded if it keeps its shape after you take it off. The term "molded" refers to how this type of bra is made. The bra material is heated over a mold to give the cup its own distinct shape. Molded cup bras were introduced in the 1980’s and have since taken the bra world by storm.

There are three major advantages to molded cup bras. The first is that they are totally seamless, which gives you a smooth line under your clothes. Another reason for their popularity is that molded cups hide the nipples for modesty. If you often wear stretch tops, I recommend having multiple molded cup bras to wear as T-shirt bras. Lastly, when you wear a molded cup, your breast conforms to the shape of the bra. This is great if you have sagging breasts, because it creates the illusion of a round and "perky" shape.

Many women are afraid that molded cup bras will make them look larger. Even though a molded cup bra may look large, it will not actually add to your size. In fact, these bras are great for larger cup sizes because they truly lift and shape the bust. A molded cup must have push-up padding to give added fullness. When you wear a molded cup bra, it is important that the cup fits your breast perfectly to avoid a gap or bulge at the top of the cup. Select a bra design based on the shape of your bust. If you are full at the top of the bust, try a molded cup bra with full coverage. If you have more volume at the bottom of the bust, a demi-cup or balcony style bra will be a better fit for you.

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