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Petite Bras Guide

Petite bras are designed to fit women with smaller frames and busts. While petite women look beautiful in a wide variety of bra styles, there are unique bra fitting problems that come with wearing a smaller band or cup size. Recently, more and more bra companies are designing bras to comfortably fit and flatter small sizes.

One of my favorite bra styles for petite women is the demi cup bra, which has about half the coverage of a traditional bra. A demi bra is great because it has shorter underwires that won't dig into you or cause discomfort. Better yet, it is a very sexy look that might make women with larger busts jealous! Many petite bras are padded or push up. These types of bras create cleavage for the illusion of a larger bust. Of course, not all petite women want to look bigger, and stretch fabric cup bras are becoming a more and more popular choice for petites. If you don't need much support, a bralette is an easy and very comfortable option that offers modesty without extra padding.

When sizing yourself for a bra, keep in mind that the cup size is dependent on the band size. This means that if you have a very small back, you may be a larger cup size than you think. Sizes like 28D or 30C may sound large, but they actually have about the same cup size as a 34A bra. Another fitting tip is to keep in mind that A isn't the smallest size! If your A cup bras are gapping, try AA cup bras instead.

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