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Plunge Bras Guide

A plunge bra has cups that are very low in the center with a deep V-neckline. This type of bra is a must have for low cut tops that would show the top of a regular bra. The shape of the cup will push the breasts together for maximum cleavage. Most plunge bras also have push up padding for added contour.

Plunge bra styles range from subtly sexy to barely there. The best plunge bra for you will depend on your wardrobe and style. If you have larger breasts, be sure to buy a plunge bra with extra side coverage. This will let you wear low cut tops without sacrificing support or shaping.

When buying a plunge bra, you have to be sure that the cup fits you perfectly. Because there is less fabric on the cups, every inch matters! The underwire should surround your breast, sitting flat against your chest. There should be a smooth transition at the top of the cups with no lumps or bulges. You may want to try the plunge bra in both your regular size and one cup size up.

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