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Racerback Bras Guide

A racer back bra has straps that come together in the center back to form a T or Y shape. This type of bra is also known as a T-back. A racerback bra is a great wardrobe staple that solves many bra problems. Racerback bras have great back support and can be worn by women of every size and shape. Because this style is so supportive, many sports bras have a T-back design.

Racerback bras make it easy to wear tank tops and tees when you don't want your bra straps to be visible. Every woman should have one racerback bra just in case the need arises. They are also fantastic for women with sloping shoulders who have trouble keeping their bra straps in place. A racerback offers slightly more lift than a regular bra. Most racerback bras also have a front closure, which is great if you have difficulty closing regular bras.

The most important fitting tip for racerback bras is to make sure that the band is snug. Front closure bras cannot be adjusted, so you want the bra to be a little tight when you first purchase it. When you wash a bra, it stretches not shrinks. A taut bra will last longer and offer more support than one that fits loosely.

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