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Sleep Bras Guide

A sleep bra is designed to alleviate any breast discomfort while you sleep. Some women cannot sleep comfortably without breast support, especially women with larger breasts. A sleeping bra is designed to provide support without interrupting your rest. This bra style is lightweight and wire-free, with no padding, snaps or hooks in order to maximize breast comfort. While any soft, comfortable bra can be used as a sleep bra, some styles are designed specifically for use at night. When you are lying down, gravity is pulling your breasts to the sides instead of down, so specialty sleep bras will have extra support at the sides of the breast.

If you are a DD cup or larger, I recommend adding a sleep bra to your bra wardrobe to ensure that your breasts have proper support. Sleep bras are also beneficial for women who have breast tenderness when pregnant, nursing, or menstruating. If you are nursing, wearing a bra at night also allows you to wear breastfeeding pads. If you are recovering from surgery on your breasts or chest, a sleep bra is a great choice for all day wear.

Sleep bras may be sold by regular bra sizes or a range of sizes like small, medium and large. Because this bra is intended to be worn at home, the sizing tends to be much more flexible than with traditional bras. Be sure to select a sleep bra that is made of soft, lightweight fabric for maximum comfort.

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