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Wirefree Bras Guide

A soft cup bra has no underwires for a extra comfortable fit. Many specialty bras like sleep tops and sports bras have no underwires. Soft cup bras generally have more coverage than underwired bras, with a wider band for support. If you've never been comfortable in underwires, you'll be glad to know that soft cup bras are becoming more and more popular with bra manufacturers. There are a wide variety of soft cup bras on the market, from practical to downright sexy.

There are many reasons why a woman may prefer a soft cup bra. Some medical problems, such as a hiatal hernia, make a regular underwire bra feel painful. Women who are pregnant and nursing often prefer the flexible sizing and comfort of a soft cup bra. While soft cup bras generally have less separation, there are some smart design features that will help create the look of a underwire bra without any wires. Channeling, or thick fabric seams around the cup, create the look of two distinct cups without any metal wires. A molded soft cup bra has cups that keep their shape without the help of wires.

Soft cup bras must be the correct band size to offer proper support. If the bra band is too loose, your breasts will look saggy and unsupported, but in the correct size, a soft cup bra offers just as much lift as a wired bra.

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