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Strapless Bras Guide

Every woman needs a supportive strapless bra! A strapless bra has removable straps that allow you to wear shoulder-baring styles without your bra straps showing. This type of bra is a must have for summertime and special occasions. While the idea of missing your bra straps might seem scary, women of all sizes can wear a strapless bra. The trick is to make sure you are wearing a strapless bra that fits you perfectly.

Different types of specialty strapless bras help you find the perfect bra for hard to wear outfits. A strapless longline bra extends to the hips for extra support and slimming at the waist. This type of strapless bra is a great choice for women with large busts. Another unique type of strapless bra is an adhesive bra, which simply sticks to your chest for a totally backless look. Many strapless bras have silicone trim along the top and bottom of the band. This feature creates a tiny bit of suction that secures the bra band to your body.

The biggest fear about strapless bras is that they will fall down or need to be tugged at all day. In reality, almost all of the support of a properly fitted bra comes from its band, so you shouldn’t need straps. If your strapless bra slips down, this is a sure sign that the band is too loose. When you try on a strapless bra, make sure that your bra band is as snug as you can comfortably wear it. If you are wearing the correct bra size, you should not need to wear a different size in a strapless bra.

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