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Stretch Cup Bras Guide

A stretch cup bra has cups that stretch to conform to the shape of your breast. This type of bra is comfortable, smooth and can solve a few different bra problems. A stretch cup bra makes a great T-shirt bra style for women who don’t like molded or padded bras. The seamless cups let you have a smooth line under your clothes without the extra bulk.

Stretch bra cups are great if you have uneven breasts because the cups will stretch to fit both sides evenly. This type of bra also fits very well on shallow breasts. "Shallow breasts" are much fuller at the bottom of the bust than at the top. Women with this body type often have gaps at the top of the cup, so a stretch cup bra will alleviate this problem.

There are a few tips to keep in mind when buying a bra with stretch cups. Because the cup fabric does not lift you in the same way as a molded cup bra or seamed fabric bra, you must make sure the band size is correct to avoid sagging. When trying on a stretch cup bra, make sure that you completely fill the cup. If there are wrinkles on the top of the cup, your cup size is too large.

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