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Surgical Bras Guide

Surgical bras are designed to be worn while you are recovering after any type of breast surgery or if you are bed ridden. They make it easier to recover by minimizing pain while still providing support for the bust. There are two main types of bras that women may need immediately after chest surgery: compression bras and soft cup bras for best rest. Another common medical bra is a pocketed bra, or mastectomy bra. For more information on mastectomy bras, see our Mastectomy Bras guide.

A surgical compression bra is a medical-grade surgery bra that is to designed to press down on the breasts to prevent swelling and other complications. Compression bras for surgery are designed to be comfortable enough to wear all day long and into the night. This type of surgery bra is generally recommended to women who have had breast reductions, breast implants, or who have lymphodema. Always consult your doctor when purchasing a surgical compression bra.

Other women just need a surgical bra that won't irritate sensitive areas and will feel comfortable in bed. A soft, non-underwire bra with few metal parts will protect the health of your breasts after surgery. This type of surgical bra generally has a front closure. This allows you to easily take the bra on and off, even if you have decreased mobility or soreness.

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