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T-Shirt Bras Guide

T-shirt bras are far and away the most requested bra style. True to its name, a T-shirt bra is designed to create a smooth and flattering shape under a knit top. Most T-shirt bras have molded cups, which are seamless cups made of a solid material that keeps its shape after you take the bra off. However, not all T-shirt bras have to be molded. A good stretch cup bra or a bra with invisible flat seams will also look fab underneath a tee. Another common name for a T-shirt bra is a "contour bra".

I recommend that every woman have at least T-shirt bra in her collection. Generally, you will want a T-shirt bra in nude or brown shade that matches your skin tone. Contrary to popular belief, you don't want to wear a white bra under a white shirt. A bra that matches your skin color will blend in and be far less noticeable - especially in flash photos! If you don't like molded bras but are concerned with nipple coverage, my trick is adding a smooth nipple cover such as Dimrs inside the cup.

When trying on a T-shirt bra, it is important to make sure that there is a smooth transition between the top of the cup and your bust. Any bumps or spillage could show underneath your top. I recommend putting on a lightweight tee over the bra when you try it on to make sure your shape looks just right. If you find yourself looking "saggy" in the bra, this is a good sign that the bra band is too loose. Try going down a band size and up a cup size, or get re-fitted by a professional bra fitter.

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